Functional Aesthetics

Attempting to achieve ultimate facial and ortho aesthetics can be challenging for a orthodontist. Using an interdisciplinary approach allows the practitioner to set a challenging goal to dramatically improve a patient’s facial appearance.
Interdisciplinary treatment gives the dental team the opportunity to change, shape, or develop an individual’s appearance, character, or self-image, and at the same time provide a restoration that is functional and enduring.   Interdisciplinary treatment that combines orthognathic and orthodontics helps us to obtain good, predictable results that are stable over time, aesthetic and functional in the cases of adults with large edentulous spaces and multiple problems in dental arch.



One of the goals of OGSC is to lay out the framework for a unique treatment philosophy. This philosophy is based on a different set of priorities in aesthetic treatment planning, which places the improvement of facial beauty and the creation of proper facial proportions and balance at the top of the list. An interdisciplinary approach, starting with dentofacial and orthodontic treatment, allows the doctor to focus on facial appearance of the patient, instead of just treating occlusion and teeth. There is a universal standard for facial beauty regardless of race, sex, and other variables and is based on divine proportion Thus, following this universal principle, one of the objectives of the treatment of complicated cases should be the enhancement of the patient’s external appearance.

The presence of preexisting malocclusions in adult cases requiring full-mouth rehabilitation makes the accomplishment of the above mentioned goals more challenging and difficult to implement using only one treatment modality. The cases presented in this article can be seen as an illustration of how the interdisciplinary approach can help in the planning and execution of complex treatments of patients with preexisting malocclusions. Orthodontic treatment in the beginning, with special attention to dentofacial orthopedics, will place teeth and jaws in a position that ensures the successful completion of the subsequent prosthetic phase of the patient’s full-mouth rehabilitation and greatly improve the overall aesthetic result.